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Ms. CM

He was good about listening to what I wanted

I really liked Dr. Ransom. He was good about listening to what I wanted and was able to follow-through with the directions. He also had great bedside manner.


Happy with my Fixed Nose

I can’t speak highly enough in regards to the treatment I received from Dr Evan Ransom. His professionalism, conscientiousness, artistry, attention to detail was so evident, in regards to a hairline fracture I had received on my cheekbone from a hit. I had gotten X-rays and a radiologist said all was well. However the swelling idn’t disperse, as it should have for quite some time. It was then i contacted Dr Ransom. He pointed out on the X-ray the damage the Radiologist had missed and that we would have to correct the problem. His intelligent and calm demeanor also helped me decide to go ahead and get a facelift, without any references. His patient coordinator, Dee was also extremely helpful through the entire process. I just knew he would do the right kind of facelift, one that looked natural. I can now say I am truly ecstatic with my results and I am eternally grateful for his good eyes! I hope others will follow suit and know that this surgeon is the one for you! Thank you Dr Ransom and Dee for everything–as I will refer others.
Happy with my Fixed Nose

Ms. CB (Mohs reconstruction)

You must be a sculptor or an artist

I just don’t know how you did it, remaking my nostril like that. You must be a sculptor or an artist.

Scott L.

Dr. Ransom has changed my life for the better

Dr. Ransom has changed my life for the better! I had a deviated septum and weak nose structure. My nose was basically just on my face for its dashing good looks, I could not take a deep breath through either nostril before meeting Dr. Ransom. I can now breath through both nostrils and my nose is much more structurally sound, he has changed my life for the better and I can not thank him enough.
He was the third doctor who has tried this surgery on me, they say third time is the charm and they are right. thank you so much Dr.!

Ms. AM (Mohs reconstruction)

Thank you so much

Look at this job you did! I mean, I have a face! I have a nose! Thank you so much.

Ms. LG

Thank you so much Dr. Ransom

“It’s such a nice nose. Smaller, no bump, and straight. And it still fits my face. Plus I can actually breath now! Thank you so much Dr. Ransom.”

L.W. (From Yelp)

Treats you like a family member

“I went to Dr. Ransom for plastic surgery on my nose after having skin cancer removed the day before. I was very nervous at first about the procedure but after meeting Dr. Ransom for the first time he made me feel really comfortable. He explained everything and answered any questions I had. At one point I wasn’t sure if it was healing properly when I was home and I called him and he told me to come right in. He reassured me that everything was fine. Dr. Ransom is not a doctor that sees you for five minutes and then runs out to the next patient. He takes his time and treats you like a family member. He is a very friendly doctor whom I would recommend to anyone needing plastic surgery. He is one of the best!!”