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Septoplasty Surgery Recovery – Septum San Francisco

To correct the nasal septum, surgeons employ septoplasty surgery, a type of rhinoplasty procedure. After your septoplasty, you’ll undergo a short period of septoplasty surgery recovery, which comes with instructions and tasks to ensure that healing is quick and free of complications.

Nasal stents are sometimes placed as part of septoplasty. These small tubes support the healing tissues of the septum after it has been repaired and keep the airways open for unimpaired breathing. Nasal stents will be taken out around a week into septoplasty surgery recovery.

Septoplasty – San Francisco Functional Procedures

Functional rhinoplasty describes any nasal surgery used to enhance or restore the nose’s ability to breathe and function. One popular type of functional rhinoplasty procedure is septoplasty.

The nasal septum can be found within the nose, in the center area. It’s made of bone and cartilage, and it serves to separate the nose vertically into two halves. Because the septum offers vital support to the nose as a whole, issues with the septum can affect the appearance and functionality of the nose. Thus, septoplasty to correct the nasal septum can be incredibly helpful for patients.