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Closed Rhinoplasty Technique – San Francisco Nose Job

Are you considering nasal surgery to correct an aesthetic or functional issue with your nose? Your surgeon may judge that the closed rhinoplasty technique is the right option for your rhinoplasty procedure.

The closed rhinoplasty technique, which involves internal incisions as opposed to an external one, typically works best for alterations to the nasal bridge. When it comes to alterations to the tip of the nose, you will likely be better served with an open rhinoplasty approach.

Open Rhinoplasty Technique – San Francisco Nose Surgery

When using the open rhinoplasty technique, your plastic surgeon will create a tiny incision on the columella, which is the external skin that separates the nostrils. The nasal skin can then be lifted, offering a great deal of surgical access to the underlying architecture of the nose.

With the unimpeded view that comes with the open rhinoplasty technique, the plastic surgeon is more able to determine the exact nature of functional issues. They can also better appraise the internal factors that shape the nose’s external appearance.

Non-Surgical Nose Reshaping – Dorsal Hump San Francisco

Are you interested in changing the appearance of your nose but are worried about invasive plastic surgery? For certain nasal issues, surgical rhinoplasty may not be necessary. Instead, patients can come in for non-surgical nose reshaping.

One nasal issue that can sometimes be solved with the use of non-surgical nose reshaping is a dorsal hump. A dorsal hump is a raised area on the bridge of the nose. To even out the bridge, the soft-tissue filler used in non-surgical nose reshaping can be injected into the areas above and below the hump on the bridge.