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Ethnic Rhinoplasty – Nasal Structure San Francisco

In the field of plastic surgery, it has been noted that there are often similarities in nasal structure between people with similar ethnic backgrounds. Patients of a multitude of ethnic backgrounds come in all the time, and these patients frequently experience the same nasal issues. To correct these issues while maintaining the natural look of the nose and face, we offer ethnic rhinoplasty.

Rhinoplasty cannot be a one-size-fits-all technique, and plastic surgeons are sensitive to the natural appearance of the nose for patients of different ethnicities. Ethnic rhinoplasty takes this into account, leaving patients with the nose that best fits their facial architecture.

Septoplasty Surgery Recovery – Septum San Francisco

To correct the nasal septum, surgeons employ septoplasty surgery, a type of rhinoplasty procedure. After your septoplasty, you’ll undergo a short period of septoplasty surgery recovery, which comes with instructions and tasks to ensure that healing is quick and free of complications.

Nasal stents are sometimes placed as part of septoplasty. These small tubes support the healing tissues of the septum after it has been repaired and keep the airways open for unimpaired breathing. Nasal stents will be taken out around a week into septoplasty surgery recovery.

Septoplasty Surgery – Impaired Breathing San Francisco

Are you experiencing impaired breathing? This and other nasal issues can often be solved with the aid of functional rhinoplasty. One of the main types of functional rhinoplasty is septoplasty surgery.

The septum, made up of cartilage and bone, is a central structure in the nose. With septoplasty surgery, a patient can have fractures in their nasal septum repaired. These may have resulted from a nasal trauma. Septoplasty can also be used to rid the nasal passages of small spurs or to straighten a crooked septum.

Closed Rhinoplasty Technique – San Francisco Nose Job

Are you considering nasal surgery to correct an aesthetic or functional issue with your nose? Your surgeon may judge that the closed rhinoplasty technique is the right option for your rhinoplasty procedure.

The closed rhinoplasty technique, which involves internal incisions as opposed to an external one, typically works best for alterations to the nasal bridge. When it comes to alterations to the tip of the nose, you will likely be better served with an open rhinoplasty approach.