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Preventing A Broken Nose

Accidents happen. We all know that there are situations and occasions where the inevitable happens and something gets broken, bruised or scratched. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how much care and caution you employ, there are things that are totally out of your control. These accidents and injuries can even happen to your nose.

The Mayo Clinic published some preventative guides to preventing nose injury and fractures. Here are some helpful tips for you, so you can prevent harm to your nose or a nasal fracture. (more…)

Nasal Fracture Correction – Crooked Nose San Francisco

If you have sustained a nasal trauma, you may be dealing with a broken nose. This creates an embarrassing malformation. To address a broken nose, we offer nasal fracture correction.

A nasal fracture can cause a person’s nose to take on a C shape or point to one side. This is the result of a shift in the septum and nasal bones. The C shape is caused by the middle area of the nose being shifted.

Nasal fracture correction is used to resolve the C shape or slant to one side, easing the nose into a straighter and more natural configuration.

Broken Nose – Repair Timing San Francisco

There are many potential interventions that can be utilized to correct a broken nose, depending on the type and extent of the damage. The timing of the repair of your broken nose can make a real difference.

Coming in for treatment within a few hours of sustaining the injury is ideal. If you are unable to come in for immediate repair of a broken nose, it may be best to repair it five to seven days after the injury. This will give the swelling time to ameliorate, offering your surgeon a better picture of the region.


Nasal Fractures – San Francisco Broken Nose

The nose is a delicate and complex structure. It is also very exposed, especially when it is prominent, and as such, accidents can happen. For those patients dealing with nasal fractures as a result of trauma, we offer corrective rhinoplasty.

Nasal fractures are frequently caused by facial injuries during physical activities like sports. A nasal fracture is a displacement of the bones of the nose, often including the nasal septum. This may create an issue with the external dimensions of the nose and can also result in breathing obstruction.