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Tip Only Rhinoplasty

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Because it is front and center, the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery explains that the nose provides the foundation for aesthetic balance and proportion. As such, when an individual is dissatisfied with the shape or appearance of their nose, rhinoplasty provides options for redefining this prominent feature. However, rhinoplasty is a highly individualized and artistic procedure, and does not always involve full surgical modification of the nose. An example is tip only rhinoplasty, in which the tip of the nose is refined.

Though it is less invasive than other nose reshaping procedures, tip only rhinoplasty is complex and requires extensive surgical skill. This is because the tip of the nose is comprised of cartilage, and is difficult to shape. Even so, given the experience and expertise of a qualified facial plastic surgeon, a few small changes to the tip of the nose can generate a large impact on a patient’s appearance.

Tip only rhinoplasty might be a suitable solution for those with the following complaints:

  • Bulbous or Crooked Tip
  • Droopy Tip
  • Flared Nostrils
  • Lack of Definition
  • Lack of Tip Projection
  • Upturned Tip
  • Wide Tip
  • Asymmetry of the Tip

Yet, if individuals suffer from sleep apnea or experience difficulty breathing due to deviated septum or other structural issue of the nose, tip only rhinoplasty is probably not the best choice. The same is true when individuals have a crooked nose extending from the tip to the bridge, or when there is a bump above the tip area that requires modification.

Dr. Evan Ransom is an elite facial plastic and cosmetic surgeon in the San Francisco Bay area, and is highly regarded for his superior surgical skill and approach to patient care. When it comes to rhinoplasty surgery, Dr. Ransom explains that tip only rhinoplasty can produce a variety of changes. These include shortening the nasal tip, making it smaller, more defined, less droopy or longer. In turn, alar base modification techniques can be used to address the size and shape of the nostrils.

To speak with Dr. Ransom regarding your options for tip only rhinoplasty, contact his San Francisco practice today.

Posted on behalf of Dr. Evan Ransom