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Open Versus Closed Rhinoplasty

Woman Smiling After a Closed Rhinoplasty San Francisco

As with most plastic surgery procedures, rhinoplasty requires an understanding of individual facial characteristics and what’s needed to establish a harmonious appearance and optimal outcome. Generally, two approaches are used— open or closed rhinoplasty. While open rhinoplasty is performed from the outside of the nose through a small incision placed on the columella (the column between the nostrils), a closed rhinoplasty involves only placing incisions inside the nostrils. Depending on a patient’s needs and goals, an experienced facial plastic surgeon can determine the best method and approach.

For more significant nose reshaping, an open rhinoplasty is typically recommended, as it allows the surgeon greater visibility and access to the entire nose structure. As such, an open rhinoplasty is often performed when revision surgery is needed to correct previous surgical errors or when complex structural problems are present in the middle or tip of the nose. This includes those with an untreated nasal fracture, as well as those with a history of nasal trauma and trouble breathing.

On the other hand, a closed rhinoplasty involves minor reshaping of the bridge of the nose from inside the nostrils. As mentioned, incisions are placed inside the nostrils in a closed procedure, and this means that there is no visible scarring to be concerned about. For this reason, the closed method is sometimes referred to as scarless rhinoplasty, and is a great option when individuals are bothered by a “bump” on their nose.

When concerns are both aesthetic and functional, other procedures can be combined with rhinoplasty to improve a patient’s breathing or reduce snoring. An example is a Septoplasty, in which a deviated septum is straightened and repositioned appropriately.

As an elite facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon in San Francisco, Dr. Evan Ransom performs complex surgical repairs of the face and neck, including extensive nose reshaping and revision rhinoplasty. Dr. Ransom is highly skilled in the latest technologies, only offering the most advanced techniques available for patients. To speak with Dr. Ransom regarding rhinoplasty, contact his San Francisco practice today.

Posted on behalf of Dr. Evan Ransom