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Not All Rhinoplasty Results Should Look The Same

Functional Rhinoplasty Surgery San Francisco

When considering which type of rhinoplasty results you would like to see, it’s important to look at many factors such as your sex, ethnicity and function.   A successful rhinoplasty procedure is performed to improve the appearance of the entire face, while also yielding predictable results. For these reasons, the procedure is performed a bit differently for men (male rhinoplasty) than it is for women (female rhinoplasty).

Men and women have several differences in their anatomy. Generally speaking, men tend to have more prominent noses with a higher bridge and wider mid-nose width. They also tend to have thicker skin on the nose that after surgery “drapes” differently compared to women. Due to these factors, it can alter the overall process of reshaping.

The female nose is usually more defined and delicate. Typically, women prefer a “supratip break” which is a subtle indentation along the bridge just above the tip. A woman’s nose may also be slightly shorter than a man’s.

Male and female rhinoplasty differs in their desired end result. They usually have vastly different ideas of what the “ideal nose” looks like. Men usually strive for a more prominent, powerful nose that has distinctive features. On the other hand, women prefer a more petite nose.

For both male and female rhinoplasty there is a fine line between what is successful and what is overdone. The rhinoplasty patient should be prepared to be very clear about his/her aesthetic goals during the rhinoplasty consultation.

Dr. Ransom will take his time understanding and performing the procedure for your optimal results. Book your consultation today at San Francisco Center for Facial Plastic, Reconstructive & Laser Surgery.


Posted on behalf of Dr. Evan Ransom