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A Rhinoplasty Can Completely Transform Your Face

Open Rhinoplasty Technique San Francisco

All of your facial features combined create your aesthetic appearance. Each feature can also completely change the way you look. When the eyes, nose and chin are in balance, the face is symmetrical in appearance. How other people see you is influenced by this balance. A rhinoplasty is just one of many procedures that can enhance your facial aesthetics.

Proportional Features

Proportionality of facial features is something that most people consciously or unconsciously notice. Attraction to others is largely based on these judgments. If facial features are out of proportion, it could impact your relationships with others. A nose that is too large, too small or out of shape will most definitely shape how others perceive you.

Genetic defects or abnormalities will also affect the balance of your features. Unfortunately, the nose is easily damaged. If you have been in an accident or play contact sports, the chances of being left with a crooked nose are quite high. You can have the issue corrected through rhinoplasty surgery.

Rhinoplasty Surgery

A rhinoplasty may involve correcting issues with the tip, bridge and base of the nose. A cosmetic surgeon will check the position and shape of the bridge. The tip is examined to determine size, shape and direction. A base can be widened or narrowed to create a better balance among facial features. These corrections can also be combined to achieve an all-around better aesthetic appeal.

This procedure will completely change how your face looks. Although you are only having work on a single feature, improved balance and symmetry will significantly increase your attractiveness. A skilled cosmetic surgeon can help you achieve your goals. Individualized rhinoplasty treatments are available from the San Francisco Center for Facial Plastic, Reconstructive & Laser Surgery.

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Posted on behalf of Dr. Evan Ransom