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Tip-Only Rhinoplasty Procedures

Nasal Tip Surgery Recovery San Francisco

Are you mostly happy with the size and shape of your nose, but a bit frustrated with the “tip” of it? A tip-only rhinoplasty is one of the fastest and straightforward nose jobs options available — and it has a significant impact on the way your facial profile looks.

If the tip of your nose flips upward, appears droopy, looks pointed, or even too short…then a tip-only nose job can redefine your natural anatomy. Even the size and shape of your nostrils can be perfected for a complimentary appearance.

When our San Francisco plastic surgeon performs a tip-only rhinoplasty, a small incision is made right where the two nostrils meet at the bottom of the nose (this is called the columella.) Carefully, Dr. Ransom modifies the shape of the nose and cartilage so that they are symmetric with one another for the best aesthetics possible.

Get a Computerized Makeover Before You Start Your Treatment 

Our San Francisco Rhinoplasty surgeon utilizes state of the art imaging software that allows us to virtually modify the appearance of your nose on the computer screen. That way you can see for yourself what different types of nose shapes or modifications will look like in relation to the rest of your facial anatomy. After all, there is no one “right” nose that fits everyone! Your face is unique.

After a nose job it’s common to feel a bit “stuffed-up” during your recovery, but generally no significant pain is involved. After about a week, most congestive sensations are gone. There is no nasal packing involved!

Rhinoplasty San Francisco can help you feel great about the way your nose looks. Call us today for a private consultation!

Posted on behalf of Dr. Evan Ransom