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Nasal Fracture Correction – Crooked Nose San Francisco

If you have sustained a nasal trauma, you may be dealing with a broken nose. This creates an embarrassing malformation. To address a broken nose, we offer nasal fracture correction.

A nasal fracture can cause a person’s nose to take on a C shape or point to one side. This is the result of a shift in the septum and nasal bones. The C shape is caused by the middle area of the nose being shifted.

Nasal fracture correction is used to resolve the C shape or slant to one side, easing the nose into a straighter and more natural configuration.

Dr. Evan Ransom, a double-board-certified San Francisco surgeon specializing in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, can use nasal fracture correction to help you get your nose back in proper alignment. Contact us to arrange an appointment for a consultation.