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Is Septoplasty For You?

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If you have a perforated septum, a procedure called septoplasty may be the solution for you. A septal perforation is a hole in the dividing wall of the cartilage of your nose. The hole will vary in size and can cause several problems for you, mostly relating to breathing. You may also experience frequent bleeding. Chronic sinusitis and dry mouth are also common problems.

There are many reasons you may have a perforated septum. Prior nose surgeries and nose traumas are common reasons for perforations. Cocaine use and other medical conditions can be the cause. Even excessive nose picking can for the perforation. Determining the cause of your perforation is an important step in knowing how to correct it. After discovering the causative agent for your perforation it is important to abstain from it. Cocaine use is one of the causative agents that needs to be stopped.

Dr. Ransom will determine if functional rhinoplasty is right for you. There are times when a perforation will heal itself as well. However, it’s very important to see Dr. Ransom to determine if this option is right for you. Ignoring a perforation and hoping it will heal could cause further damage. Perforations of your posterior septum usually do not require treatment. During the process of healing, you may experience intranasal crusting around the edges of the perforation. There are medical treatments and humidifiers used to keep the area moist as it heals and closes.

Call Dr. Ransom at San Francisco Center for Facial Plastic, Reconstructive and Laser Surgery for your entire septal perforation repair needs.

Posted on behalf of Dr. Evan Ransom