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Dangers of DIY Nose Jobs

Woman's Profile After a Rhinoplasty San Francisco CA

Nowadays you can Google just about anything for a DIY project. What was the last do-it-yourself project that you did? Are you enjoying the outcome of your endeavor toward independence, thriftiness, and cunning ability to “get er done” yourself. If so, we say “well done” to you. May your DIY garden boxes grow abundantly. May your DIY kitchen backsplash be the envy of your neighbors. And may your DIY crafty creations “wow” all those who have the honor to receive one from you.

DIY is great isn’t it? Or is it? DIY’s have so many wonderful warm feelings that go along with them when they turn out. But, what happens when they’re a flop? There are entire websites dedicated to all of those DIY flops and disasters. Some are pretty funny to browse through actually. Seeing other people’s failures can somehow make you feel better about yourself, in a silly way at times.

One such DIY project you do not ever want to try is one that’s started popping up on the Internet. DIY nose jobs are not something you ever want to do. Trying to be thrifty, creative and independent with your nose job is downright dangerous. You can harm your nose, your health and your face when trying to perform such a delicate procedure on yourself.

At Rhinoplasty San Francisco, Dr. Ransom is trained to carefully, safely and skillfully perform your rhinoplasty procedure to achieve your desired outcome. Call and book your appointment with us today.

Posted on behalf of Dr. Evan Ransom