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Blowing Your Nose 101

Woman Smiling After a Closed Rhinoplasty San Francisco

Winter is knocking on the door of the cycle of seasons. And just like all cycles, it’s going to happen whether you like it or not. Cooler temperatures are a great time to break out your cute sweaters and boots to feel ultra cozy and snug! However, the cooler temperatures can break out winter common colds as well. A common cold can make the lining of your nose swell up and produce additional mucus to aid in the flushing away of your infection. With the extra mucus present in your nose, you’ll need to consider how to properly dispose of it in a safe way.

Here are some helpful tips for proper blowing of your nose this winter.

  • If you have extra mucus in your nose, you need to catch it and dispose of it before it runs down your face toward your upper lip. Sniffing your mucus back up into your nose can cause future infection as the mucus-filled nasal passage acts as a safe place for bacteria to rest and grow.
  • Use a soft tissue to gently blow and clear out one nostril at a time.
  • In very rare cases, you may be at risk for injuring your nose if you blow too hard. If you’ve just had any type of nose surgery or procedure, it’s important to consider the pressure you’re exerting as you blow. Always consult with Dr. Ransom if you have excess mucus due to a cold.
  • Use one tissue per blowing session. Do not try to reuse it. Dirty tissues hold infection and need to be disposed of each time.
  • When you drink plenty of liquids, it loosens the mucus and is easier to remove by a gentle blow.
  • Wash your hands after each blow.

Call and book your rhinoplasty appointment with Dr. Evan Ransom today. He will help you get your ideal nose while preserving your overall natural look.

Posted on behalf of Dr. Evan Ransom