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Patient Case #09302019

This patient had a dorsal hump and fullness at the base of the nose. Dr. Ransom was able to address these concerns with a scarless closed rhinoplasty, allowing her a quick and easy recovery!

Patient Case #20180117

Patient Case #4733

This 29 year old woman was concerned about her profile and the asymmetry of her nose. Dr. Ransom used an endonasal or “scarless” rhinoplasty approach to reduce the hump on the bridge, lift the tip of the nose, and improve the shape of the tip and nostrils. The recovery from this type of rhinoplasty is quicker than with an open approach, and patients generally experience less swelling and bruising. As you can see from the post-op pictures, the shape is more balanced and feminine, and the symmetry is greatly improved.

Patient Case #20180404

This 31 year old woman had been considering rhinoplasty for years. She always hated the roundness of her bridge and the fullness of her nasal tip. Post-op, her nose is more balanced and feminine. The tip is refined and the symmetry is dramatically improved.

Patient Case #4732

This 21 year old woman always hated the bump on her bridge and the fullness of her nasal tip. One year after cosmetic rhinoplasty, her nose is more balanced and feminine with just enough lift to highlight her other beautiful features.

Patient Case #2091

This 20 year old Asian American never liked the hook shape of his nose. After consultation with Dr. Ransom, he decided on cosmetic rhinoplasty to get rid of the bump, elevate the front of the nose, and refine the tip. As you can see, the results look great — and natural. He couldn’t be happier!

Patient Case #2218

This young man had functional and cosmetic issues. His nose was over-projected and extremely narrow. He wanted to breath better AND to improve the external shape. An open approach was used, with repair of the internal and external nasal valve regions using precise cartilage graft placement. In addition, the tip was shortened and the bridge was filed, making the profile more attractive. The result is a better looking nose that works great — he’s breathing better than ever and looks natural.

Patient Case #2226

This 27 year old woman had very clear goals: to breathe better AND to improve the cosmetic appearance of her nose. Specifically, she wanted to get rid of the bump and improve the shape of the tip. As you can see in the photos, the bump is long gone and the tip is more symmetric and refined. She couldn’t be happier.

Patient Case #2234

This 47 year old woman had a previous closed rhinoplasty 20 years ago, performed by another surgeon. Unfortunately, she ended up with multiple issues, including an open roof deformity, inverted-V deformity, an asymmetric and over-projected tip, and a twisted septum. After consultation with Dr. Ransom, she underwent a revision rhinoplasty. In the post-op pictures, the problems with the bridge have been fixed, the tip is smaller, more refined and symmetric, and the septum is straight. She was extremely happy with the result.

Patient Case #2245

This 37 year old woman never liked how the tip of her nose pointed down or the rounded bump on her nasal bridge. She was very concerned about maintaining the harmony between her nose and her other features and was interested in ethnic rhinoplasty. After meeting with Dr. Ransom, she decided on an open cosmetic rhinoplasty approach. As the pictures demonstrate, the drooping tip was elevated, the bump was removed, and the nostril base was subtly narrowed. Her nose looks remarkably better, but she still looks like herself!