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Septal Perforation Repair

Dr. Evan Ransom San Francisco CA

Providing direct access between the right and left nasal cavities, a septal perforation is essentially a hole in the nasal septum that prevents proper airflow into the nose. As a result, an individual may experience drying of the inside of the nose, as well as crusting, nasal obstruction, bleeding and whistling. Ultimately, the drying of the inside of the nose can cause the perforation to increase in size, and could even cause the nose to collapse. While a septal perforation repair is not always needed, and is different from case to case, it is necessary when the symptoms of the nasal septal perforation affect one’s breathing and quality of life.

From inflammation to infectious disease, injury or the overuse of nasal drugs, a septal perforation can have multiple causes. In essence, when there’s a loss of blood supply to both sides of the nasal septum, a hole can form, as the cartilage cannot survive. Though certain medications affect one’s blood supply, surgery to the nasal area may also damage the septum, leading to the formation of a hole. Furthermore, exposure to chemicals or prolonged use of cocaine has been known to lead to the breakdown of cartilage. Tuberculosis syphilis and fungal diseases are also linked to septal perforation.

Because the nasal septum plays a critical role in the shape and structure of the nose, not to mention an important sensory function, surgical repair is often necessary to avoid a septal hematoma or deformity. Even so, performing a surgical septal perforation repair is challenging.

Dr. Evan Ransom uses a multi-layered repair technique to fill in a septal perforation and promote healing of the surrounding tissues. This process includes a layer of a patient’s own connective tissue, along with a central layer of tissue that is rigid in nature. Depending on the size of the perforation, the surgical repair may be open or closed. In either instance, Dr. Ransom is a nose specialist with the unique ability to address both the internal and external parts of the nose.

To speak with Dr. Ransom to discuss your option for septal perforation repair, call the San Francisco Center for Facial Plastic, Reconstructive & Laser Surgery today.

Posted on behalf of Dr. Evan Ransom