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Nasal Anatomy – San Francisco Parts of the Nose

Because there are many internal and external parts of the nose, nasal anatomy is quite complex. It is often difficult to fully grasp. To simplify it, the nose can be seen as having three main parts: the lower third, middle third, and upper third.

In the lower third of the nose, there is the base, the nostrils, and the tip of the nose. The bridge of the nose, also known as the dorsum, makes up the middle and upper thirds.

The nose is composed of soft tissue, bone, and cartilage. The upper third contains bone, the lower third contains cartilage, and in the middle third, the bone and cartilage meet.

Ethnic Rhinoplasty Techniques – Open Rhinoplasty San Francisco

If you’re coming in for ethnic rhinoplasty surgery to reshape your nose, it’s likely that the open rhinoplasty approach will be selected for your procedure. Open rhinoplasty is ideal for changes such as enlarging the nose and reshaping the nasal tip.

The amount of access afforded to the surgeon with the open technique allows them to bolster the internal architecture by placing any necessary grafts, resculpt the tip, and ensure that the nose is symmetrical. It also allows for a great deal of visibility.

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