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Nasal Tip Rhinoplasty Recovery – Nasal Care San Francisco

One specialized form of rhinoplasty is rhinoplasty dealing specifically with the tip of the nose. After your nasal reshaping procedure, a period of nasal tip rhinoplasty recovery will be required.

Nasal tip rhinoplasty recovery is often somewhat easier than the recovery period associated with other types of rhinoplasty. This is because the bones of the nose have not been affected, only the tip cartilage. Because of this, there may not be a great deal of bruising. As with other types of rhinoplasty, there will be a degree of temporary swelling.

Nasal Fractures – San Francisco Broken Nose

The nose is a delicate and complex structure. It is also very exposed, especially when it is prominent, and as such, accidents can happen. For those patients dealing with nasal fractures as a result of trauma, we offer corrective rhinoplasty.

Nasal fractures are frequently caused by facial injuries during physical activities like sports. A nasal fracture is a displacement of the bones of the nose, often including the nasal septum. This may create an issue with the external dimensions of the nose and can also result in breathing obstruction.