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Tip-Only Rhinoplasty – Nasal Tip Reshaping San Francisco

Rhinoplasty, or nasal surgery, is a procedure that can involve a number of varied techniques. Each of these techniques is chosen for use in surgery to solve a specific issue regarding the nose. In many cases, tip-only rhinoplasty is needed. This option can solve many nasal tip problems.

Tip-only rhinoplasty often features the shrinking and reshaping of a large nasal tip, making it more proportional to the rest of the nose. It may involve the shortening of a prominent projecting nasal tip. Finally, it may be a process of straightening and raising a sagging nasal tip.

Septoplasty Recovery – San Francisco Post-Operative Care

Septoplasty surgery is used to repair the nasal septum when it is experiencing functional issues. After patients undergo this functional rhinoplasty procedure, they must undergo a period of septoplasty recovery and healing.

If you are considering a septoplasty procedure, it will be reassuring to learn that the septoplasty recovery process is not long or drawn out. Instead, provided you follow our post-operative care directions, you’ll be feeling better within a few days to a week from the date of the procedure.